Peak Season in Central New Mexico

The peak of the season in New Mexico is the time of year when you can find everything at the Market. Looking for some refreshing watermelon? Or vine-ripened tomatoes? How about some fresh roasted green chile, or some meat to grill? The Market has it all. Shift your thinking about grocery shopping -- a trip to the Market isn't in addition to the grocery store, it's the place you go to purchase food INSTEAD of the grocery store. Supporting local farmers should be integrated into our lives, especially because they are integrated into ours, even if we don't realize it. Take Silver Leaf Farms, for example. Aaron and Elan donated about 1000 pounds of squash to Seed2Need this past week. This means that there is less food going to waste, and members of our community that can't afford to purchase food are eating a little better. Silver Leaf Farms, and other farmers like them, will be at the Market next week during our annual Historic Tractor Show. But before then, if you find that you need some peaches or tomatoes, stop by the Wednesday Market this week, 3PM-6PM. We'll see you soon.

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