March Market — Greens, Sugar Peas, and Eggs!

It was great to see everyone at the Market this weekend! Although it’s still technically winter, you couldn’t tell this Sunday with the gorgeous weather and the Market full of produce and farm goods. This week, we had honeycomb and honey, all types of greens, bok choy, peas, onions, pecans, preserves, apple chips, and so much more. The Market Shop also has a new type of woven basket — if you missed them, they’ll be at the next Market in April. A special THANK YOU goes out to Ashley Wagner and Friends of Farmland Preservation for being at the final Market, speaking with people about what Bond #4 means for the future of Corrales, and the small cost that the community will take on in order to save such an important part of the Village! If you didn’t have time to vote early – and show your support for preserving farmland in the Village, there is still time! Voting will take place at the Corrales Rec. Center, 7AM-7PM on Tuesday, March 6th. 

February Winter Market and Farmland Preservation

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for the February winter market! A whole lot was going on at the Market this month; vendors had plenty of seasonal goodies, there was live music, brunch, voter registration, and Friends of Farmland Preservation were at the Market, providing information about the upcoming bond election in March. We are only a month away from election day in Corrales, in which residents will be voting on Bond #4 to protect and preserve farmland in Corrales, among other things! If you don’t want to wait until March 6th, you can vote early starting February 14th. Contact Friends of Farmland Preservation for more information. The next winter market in Corrales is only 4 weeks away, so we’ll see you soon…on Sunday, March 4th, 11AM-1PM! 

First Winter Market of the New Year

Happy New Year! It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some good eats at the Market! This week, vendors had honey, bread, pastries, salad greens, bok choy, pecans, preserves, carrots, and much more. You know how passionate we are about supporting local food, and we are even more excited about preserving farmland in Corrales! 2018 will be an important year for ensuring that Corrales farmland is preserved for the community and for future generations. Friends of Farmland Preservation and Farmer’s Daughter Ashley Wagner were at the Market this Sunday, discussing the importance of protecting Corrales farmland with the community. Farmland preservation is important for preserving wildlife habitats and open spaces, increasing property values, sustaining rural character, and supporting local food resources…including the items you find at the Market! Corrales residents have the opportunity to directly support farmland preservation by voting YES for the municipal bond on MARCH 6th. Check out Friends of Farmland Preservation FB page for more information! We’ll see you at the next winter market – February 4th, 11AM-1PM!     

First Winter Market of the Season

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the first Winter Market in Corrales. Clear and sunny skies greeted everyone this morning, and vendors had a whole lot of seasonal goodies. Vendors had cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, baked goods, preserves, bread, eggs and a whole lot more! The Winter Markets are a bit smaller than the regular season Markets, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find what you’re looking for. Winter Markets will continue through April — the first Sunday of every month, 11AM-1PM. The next will be on January 7th, and it may feel like a long time away, but it will be here before you know it!

Final Market of the Season – Farewell from Vendors

What a season! We had two tractor shows, the Harvest Festival, the Fire Department appreciation day, and most importantly, lots of locally grown and produced food. We know buying fresh foods at the grocery store can be a bummer after a season of Growers’ Markets. Take this time to think about where this food comes from, and consider having your own indoor herb garden and supporting local food resources available throughout the winter, like La Montanita Co-Op, who support local farmers, such as Silverleaf Farms. THANK YOU to all the vendors and musicians that participated in the Sunday and Wednesday Corrales Growers’ Markets! Also THANK YOU to all the community members from Corrales, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque for supporting local farmers and coming to the Market for your fresh food. Winter Markets will be here before you know it. Through April, the Corrales Winter Markets will take place the first Sunday of every month in the same location, 11AM-1PM. Come visit vendors on Sunday, December 3rd 11AM-1PM!

Honey Cinnamon Rolls, Winter Squash, and Music by Joe Gonzales

It might be getting cold, and the trees are looking tired, but the season isn’t over! We had over 20 vendors at the Market this Sunday, and we are expected to have the same vendors at the Market next week. And just because it’s November doesn’t mean you can’t find fresh items at the Market…this Sunday we had cabbages, tomatoes, all sorts of peppers and chile, cucumbers, heirloom broccoli,  leaks, radishes, apples, bread, honey….the list goes on!! We would also like to thank Joe Gonzales for  providing music at the Market, thank you! Join us again next week for a hot breakfast burrito and stock up on all the fresh produce you can before the season finishes up! There will be plenty of vegetables to can or freeze! See you there, 9AM-12PM.

Music from The Kipsies…and Pumpkins!

The countdown has begun for the 2017 season to come to a close. If you came to the Market, you felt it too…crisp air and winter crops! Wagner’s Farm had pumpkins for pies and jack-o-lanters, and will have more the same next Sunday. There were 3 different types of kale at the Market, including kale chips “ready-to-eat”, or “make-at-home” kits. The last of the apples were harvested this Sunday, you probably won’t see many more this season! Finally, now is the time to get your chile roasting done! Green is turning to red… and it’s already starting to dry. We can’t forget the great live music by The Kipsies – thanks for the tunes! There are approximately 3 more Sunday Markets to round off the 2017 season – this may change depending on whether the hard freeze comes later than expected. Either way, vendors will be at the Market next Sunday, along with live music by Joe Gonzales. See you soon!