Payment Options 

All vendors will accept cash, WIC, Senior and Enhancement checks (depending on specific program requirements). Some vendors, though not all, will accept personal checks or use Square and accept all major credit cards. The Market Shop accepts credit cards. Bringing small bills will make your transactions go faster and helps vendors bring less change.

Bring Your Own Bags

Although vendors have bags available for your purchase, try bringing your own plastic bags, and bring more than one! Market baskets or cloth bags are also a convenient option if you prefer to stay away from plastic. Most people end up going home with more food than they anticipated. 

Think Seasonally

Although you can find all types of fruits and vegetables year-round at the grocery store, our local growing season limits the types of crops you will see throughout the year. Vendors will not have delicious cantaloupe or corn all season long, so look at the market as a chance to get to know the seasonality of central New Mexico produce and try out new, delicious foods. If you see something you don’t recognize ask the growers about it! They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the tastes and preparation of non-recognizable produce! 

Dress Comfortably 

New Mexico weather can vary greatly, depending on the time of the year. Most of the summer season will be warm and sunny, so bring a hat and sunscreen. Also, although the market lot has been surfaced, the gravel can be uneven, so make sure to wear comfortable, flat walking shoes - see our friend as an example! :) 

Come Early for Popular Items 

If you are nuts for Corrales-grown raspberries, or the early-season tomatoes, you better get to the market before the opening bell rings! Popular items sell out fast. There might not be as much available at the start and end of a particular items’ growing season. Coming early ensures you get the products you want…instead of just what’s left. Remember, vendors will not start selling to customers until 9AM! 

Make a Visit to the Market a Family Affair

The market is a wonderful family event. Bringing your children to market encourages healthy eating and teaches them about the seasonality of food. There will be music and special events that children love to participate in, like the Tractor Shows and Fire Department Fundraiser. Watch the website and Facebook page for details regarding upcoming events for the whole family! 

Consider Leaving Fido at Home 

The Market is dog-friendly, but keep in mind that even though we are an outside venue this is a place where food is sold. It makes your shopping experience easier when you don’t have to worry about your dog sniffing at the produce, or worse! If you do want to bring your furry family members, please keep them leashed at all times while at the Market. Please keep in mind that the safety of our customers and vendors is our priority, so make sure you know how your pups will respond to strangers and other animals.