Johnson Farms
Robert Johnson
Albuquerque, N.M.
Fruits and vegetables

Thomas & Barbara Kozminski
Albuquerque, N.M.
Tomatoes and green beans

LaMont's Buffalo
John-Paul Bulow
Bosque Farms, N.M.
USDA certified bison

Land of Enfigment
Lloyd Kreitzer
Albuquerque, N.M.
Land of Enfigment Website
Fig trees, fig tea and Chinese dates

Lopez Farms
Monette Hardern-Lopez
Socorro, N.M.
Vegetables, greens and fruits

Mago’s Farm
Margo Chavez
Albuquerque, N.M.
Chile, chile powder, squash and watermelon

Mark’s Local Produce
Mark Strzechowski
Peralta, N.M.
Vegetables and fruits

Mike’s Far Mesa Cactus
Michael McDade
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Potted cactus, seasonal cactus fruit

Miller Microgreens
Tina Noval
Rio Rancho, N.M.

Monte Vista Farm
Antonio Olguin
Corrales, N.M.
Peppers, corn, tomatoes and melons

Montoya’s Farm
Tony Montoya
Albuquerque, N.M.
Montoya's Farm Facebook
CGM Farm Tour
Tree fruit and honey

Native Baking
Susie Cheykaychi
Santo Domingo Pueblo, N.M.
Pueblo bread, fruit pies and flour tortillas

NM Sprout House
Amy Mortier & Timothy Bowman
Tesuque, N.M.
Sprouts and microgreens

North Hills Plant Farm
Mike Campbell
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Potted fruit trees (including goji berry), and vegetable and herb starters

Perennial Delights
Kathy Ellis
Corrales, N.M.
Perennial Delights Website
Potted plants (vegetable, herbs, flowers)

Polk’s Folly Farm
Zack Withers
Antonito, N.M.
Locally raised pork

Pollo Real
Tom Delehanty
Socorro, N.M.
Pollo Real Website
Fresh poultry

Richard van Riper
Corrales, N.M.
Asparagus and gourds

Schwebach Farm
Dean Schwebach
Moriarty, N.M.
Schwebach Farm Website
Vegetables (corn)

Sias Growers
Ramon Sias
Corrales, N.M.
Vegetables, greens, fruits and herbs

Siempre Tarde Farm
Debbie Skilling
Corrales, N.M.
Preserves, baked goods and pies

Silver Leaf Farms
Aaron Silverblatt-Buser
Corrales, N.M.
Vegetables, greens and herbs

Stoney Island Garden
Dan Nedoba
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Pine Trees

Sweet Tree
Ian Daitz and Cameron Weber
Corrales, N.M.
Potted fruit trees, tree fruit, eggs, vegetables, preserves

Tafoya Farms
Tony & Debby Tafoya
Corrales, N.M.
CGM Farm Tour
Fruits and vegetables, chile ristras, mushrooms, dried flower wreaths, chile roasting

The Pastry Shop
Amber Sanchez
Corrales, N.M.
Fruit pies and turnovers, berry cakes, and cinnamon rolls

Valle Encantado
Joseph Alfaro
Albuquerque, N.M.
Fruits and vegetables

Vallecito Gardens
Raymond Sisneros
Cuba, N.M.
Fruits and fruit trees

Valley Garlic
Peaches Malmaud
Placitas, N.M.
Garlic, garlic oil

Vista Vieja Gardens
Michael Bell
Corrales, N.M.
Greens, vegetables, tree fruit, berries, herbs and eggs

Wagner Farms
Anthony Wagner
Corrales, N.M.
Wagner Farms Website
Vegetables, fruits, apple cider, and watermelon juice

Wasserman Family Farm
Bob Wasserman
Corrales, N.M.


As Nature Intended
Alan Richards
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Greens, vegetables and fruits

A-Z Family Farm
Todd Grube
Corrales, N.M.
Facebook Page
Seedlings, greens, vegetables, herbs, and eggs

Bailon Bakery
Bernice Bailon
Santo Domingo Pueblo, N.M.
Bread, pies, cookies, blue and white corn and wheat tortillas, fried bread, and blue corn flour

Blanton Farms
Claire Blanton
Corrales, N.M.
CGM Farm Tour
Vegetables and fruits

Blue Gate Lavender
Jon & Michelle Parshall
Corrales, N.M.
Lavender bundles

Bosque Baking Company
Jim Mecca
Albuquerque, N.M.
Bosque Baking Company Facebook
Bread, empanadas, and cookies

Bowman Farms
Steve Bowman
Corrales, N.M.

Carrasco Family Farm
Raymond & Rhonda Carrasco
Belen, N.M.
Carrasco Family Farm Facebook
Vegetables and fruits

Corrales Chile Co.
Ricardo Blanco
Corrales, N.M.
Corrales Chile Co. Facebook
Online Store
Vegetables, fruits, greens, corn meal, biscochito mix, ristras and spices

Corrales Classic Farms
Russell Trujillo
Corrales, N.M.
CGM Farm Tour
Vegetables, mushrooms, garlic and onion powder

Corrales Orchards
Rudy & Rosanna Perea
Corrales, N.M.
Tree fruit (cherries, apples, peaches, plums, nectarines and pears)

Curtis-Losack Farm
Carol Nigh
Corrales, N.M.
Fruit, vegetables, baked goods, preserves, potted plants, flowers, eggs, honey, and added-value fruit products

Curtis Farm
Dorothy Trafton
Corrales, N.M.
Vegetables and fruits

Dr. Deb’s Apothecary
Deborah Marchi
Jemez Pueblo, N.M.
Medicinal herbs, salves and balms

El Chilero
Marcos Montoya
Albuquerque, N.M.
Green and red chile powder (sold by Montoya’s Farm)

El Morro Valley Ranch
Shawn Johnson and Sarah Mallery
Ramah, N.M.
Certified organic angus grass fed beef

Earth Tek Farms
Shirley Powell
San Ysidro, N.M.
Eggs (chicken and quail) and sprouted wheat (sold by Dr. Deb's Apothecary)

EMS Farms
Andy Emeanuwa
Albuquerque, N.M.
Greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs

Enchanted Vista Iris Society
Rae Phillips
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Iris rhizomes

Kenny & Brenna Aschbecher
Peralta, N.M.
FishHugger Website
NM grassfed beef and pork, Alaskan wild seafood

Four Moons Farm
Molly Mendenhall
Los Lunas, N.M.
Vegetables, greens, fruits, and herbs

Fowling Around Sims Farm
Gary & Jennifer Sims
Corrales, N.M.
Facebook Page
Chicken and eggs

Fresquez Fruit Farm
Art Fresquez
Corrales, N.M.
Apples, peaches, grapes, and pears

Gene’s Greens
Gene Dunne
Rio Rancho, N.M.
Apples, peaches, apricots, tomatoes, eggplant

Gonzales Flower Farm
Al & Bonnie Gonzales
Corrales, N.M.
CGM Farm Tour
Vegetables, flowers, herbs, and pressed flower cards

Hand to Mouth Foods
Jeffrey Lee
Corrales, N.M.
Hand to Mouth Foods Website
Greens, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, bread and eggs

Harvest Gifts
Clarabelle Romero
Tijeras, N.M.
Vegetables, dried chile, pecans, and dried decorative wreaths

Heidi’s Raspberry Farm
Heidi Eleftheriou
Corrales, N.M.
Heidi's Raspberry Farm Website
Fresh raspberries, blackberries, and raspberry jams

Jamison Farms
Ron Jamison
Regina, N.M.
Vegetables, greens, and herbs