Sol Calypso at the Sunday Market

It’s always nice to have Sol Calypso at the Market – they sound like no other, and watching how happy they are when they play is contagious. Thank you Sol Calypso! Now’s the time to start thinking about stocking that freezer with chile, corn, and zucchini! This time of year is prolific – and we will all miss it when the season comes to an end in November. We had over 40 vendors this Sunday, and each had something a little different. Flowers, chile, corn, apples, plums, peaches, cucumbers and tomatoes are just a few of the delicious items at the Market. And don’t forget the buffalo, salmon, and beef! If you can’t attend the Sunday Market, stop by on Wednesday. The Market is smaller, but that means fewer crowds. Wednesdays 3PM-6PM. See you soon!

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