Honey Cinnamon Rolls, Winter Squash, and Music by Joe Gonzales

It might be getting cold, and the trees are looking tired, but the season isn’t over! We had over 20 vendors at the Market this Sunday, and we are expected to have the same vendors at the Market next week. And just because it’s November doesn’t mean you can’t find fresh items at the Market…this Sunday we had cabbages, tomatoes, all sorts of peppers and chile, cucumbers, heirloom broccoli, leaks, radishes, apples, bread, honey….the list goes on!! We would also like to thank Joe Gonzales for providing music at the Market, thank you! Join us again next week for a hot breakfast burrito and stock up on all the fresh produce you can before the season finishes up! There will be plenty of vegetables to can or freeze! See you there, 9AM-12PM.

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