Music from The Kipsies…and Pumpkins!

The countdown has begun for the 2017 season to come to a close. If you came to the Market, you felt it too…crisp air and winter crops! Wagner’s Farm had pumpkins for pies and jack-o-lanters, and will have more the same next Sunday. There were 3 different types of kale at the Market, including kale chips “ready-to-eat”, or “make-at-home” kits. The last of the apples were harvested this Sunday, you probably won’t see many more this season! Finally, now is the time to get your chile roasting done! Green is turning to red… and it’s already starting to dry. We can’t forget the great live music by The Kipsies – thanks for the tunes! There are approximately 3 more Sunday Markets to round off the 2017 season – this may change depending on whether the hard freeze comes later than expected. Either way, vendors will be at the Market next Sunday, along with live music by Joe Gonzales. See you soon!

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