Corrales Tractor Club and Eileen & Cross Country at the Father's Day Market

This Father's Day in Corrales was something special. Eileen & Cross Country was at the Market, and if you've never heard them play live, you're missing out. This band plays a variety of rock/country music that makes you want to dance. It was a perfect pairing with the Tractor Show, and this year, the Corrales Tractor Club brought out 15 tractors to the Market--some we haven't seen before! Summer is officially starting in a few days, which means all your favorite veggies and fruits are coming into season. This weekend, we saw more cherries and sweet snap peas, as well as the first of the apricots. Come down next Sunday and transition your grocery shopping to the Market, you won't be disappointed in the food selection, and you'll be supporting local agriculture!

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