Zoltan & the Fortune Tellers at the Market

Where were you this past Sunday morning? Hopefully you had time to stop by the Market and get your hands on breakfast and some of the amazing food vendors were selling! The season got off to a hot start in June, but things are beginning to come in, including tomatoes, peaches, plums, and green beans. Now is the time to stock up, and eat up! Thanks to Zoltan & the Fortune Tellers for coming out and supporting the Market – hope you had a chance to hear them perform live! Next Sunday, the Market will continue to grow, and vendors will have more of the great produce and agricultural goods you have come to expect this time of year! Think ‘seasonal’! There will be live music by Jug o’ Punch, and Apple Tree Cafe will be serving up some breakfast. Sunday, July 16th, 9AM-12PM.

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