Squash Blossom Boys at the Market

Although it’s cooling off, the Market was as lively as ever this past Sunday. The Squash Blossom Boys made it to the Market, and we got to hear some great live music…they’ve been playing for the Market for the past 15 years…thank you Squashies! Thinking forward towards the end of the season, it’s time to get the big ticket items you’ll want for the winter…so pack your freezer full of roasted green chile, chopped onions, blanched green beans and zucchini, and de-cobbed corn! These are easy things to prep for a big payoff. Also, vendors have red chile ristras, pinto beans, dried spices and chile powder, and preserves to stock the pantry. You don’t need to wait until next Sunday to get these items – vendors will be at the Market this Wednesday 3PM-6PM. If you want to avoid the Harvest Festival crowds next Sunday, Wednesday is a good alternative. See you soon!

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