Le Chat Lunatique at the Market

What a weekend! A very special thanks goes out to Le Chat Lunatique for providing some amazing music for the Market this past Sunday – they sure do gather a crowd! This week, the Market was bigger than its been all season, with 40 vendors selling locally produced food! Seems like everything is in season now, including green chile, tomatoes, peaches, apples, blackberries, and figs! Wednesday, 3PM-6PM will be our mid-week Market in Corrales, then we will be getting ready for one of our biggest events in Corrales – the Historic Tractor Show will take place next Sunday, August 20th 9AM-12PM. We’ll have like music, and all the local food and tractors you’ve ever wanted! Get here early to do your grocery shopping, then enjoy the tractors with friends and family. See you soon!

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