Cherries, Bosque Bassoonists and Golden Scroll Violinists at the Market

It was a beautiful morning at the Market this past Sunday, with 29 vendors stock full of delicious food. It’s the time of year that you can start shopping less at the grocery store and more at the Growers’ Market! This week, we had cherries, apricots, peas, carrots, too many types of leafy greens to count, eggs, beef, and preserves, to name a few items. Also, a special thank you to Bosque Bassoonists and Golden Scroll Violinists for providing music at the Market this weekend. Next weekend we have a great event planned – the annual Fathers’ Day Tractor Show! Come down and enjoy the tractors, have some breakfast, and do some grocery shopping. Tractors, vendors, and breakfast will be there, 9AM-12PM.

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