Balloons and Jujubes at the Market

The winds were just right to push the balloons right over Corrales this past Sunday! We had four land in the adjacent Rec. Center field, right next to all the artists at the Makers’ Market. Although the Market started off pretty chilly, it turned out to be a very nice day. Thank you to Jimmy Abraham for providing nice live music, as well as everyone that stopped by. This week, Four Moons Farm brought Jujubes to the Market! We haven’t seen these here all season, so hopefully you were able to grab some of these delicious fruits this weekend. As fall continues, we are seeing lots of apples, corn, chile, oyster mushrooms, and flowers. It might freeze some time this month, so don’t wait to stock up on fresh food – fill that freezer up!! Visit vendors this Wednesday (3PM-6PM), as well as next Sunday (9AM-12PM….winter is coming.

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