September 30th 2012 Market – Harvest Festival Weekend

The Harvest Festival Sunday was a great day for the Corrales Growers’ Market. The Market was visited by 4600 people in 5 hours! Many thanks go out to our partners: The Kiwanas Club for their logistics and planning; the Corrales Tractor Club for participation and providing tractors and hay-wagons for transporting thousands of Harvest Festival participants to and from the Corrales Growers’ Market and throughout Corrales. Vendors had tons of fruits and vegetables, the Squash Blossom Boys put on a fantastic show, and the Apple Tree Cafe fed our great customers! There were lots of happy people, but more important, lots of happy farmers! The market was 50 yards wide 70 yards long with tractors lined up along the west fence line…just shy of the length of a football field!  A gallery of images taken at the Harvest Festival Market can be found below. If you didn’t make it to see us last Sunday, stop by this weekend; we will have lots of late-season fruits and vegetables, chili roasting, and entertainment from West Ella. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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