Corrales Tractor Club and Eileen & Cross Country at the Father's Day Market

This Father's Day in Corrales was something special. Eileen & Cross Country was at the Market, and if you've never heard them play live, you're missing out. This band plays a variety of rock/country music that makes you want to dance. It was a perfect pairing with the Tractor Show, and this year, the Corrales Tractor Club brought out 15 tractors to the Market--some we haven't seen before! Summer is officially starting in a few days, which means all your favorite veggies and fruits are coming into season. This weekend, we saw more cherries and sweet snap peas, as well as the first of the apricots. Come down next Sunday and transition your grocery shopping to the Market, you won't be disappointed in the food selection, and you'll be supporting local agriculture! 

No good excuse for missing these Markets! 

The Growers Market on Sundays are meant to be a stress-free, enjoyable grocery shopping experience for the community. This means you can bring your kids -- including your four-legged children -- to the Market, eat some breakfast, and do a little meal-planning for the week. Our vendors have it all, including the essentials: poultry, bison, eggs, and bread, as well as all the seasonal produce to go with it; kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, honey, cherries...the list goes on. Next week, the annual Father's Day Tractor Show is happening, with live music by Cross Country Trio. Come down, enjoy the tractors, and get some amazing, fresh, delicious food! See you soon.

June's here...which means it's Market Season!

Cherries, kale, empanadas, and snap peas... what more could you ask for? These were just a few of the items at the Market this past weekend; vendors will have more of the same--and more--next Sunday. Special thank you to Spankey Lee for a delightful set of live music, we got to see all the kids do the hokey pokey!! Next week will be music by Lone Piñon. And the Sunday after that will be the Fathers' Day Tractor Show!! Market you calendars. See you soon!

Jim Findley 1926 - 2018

This week, we are remembering the late and great Jim Findley, who passed away on Saturday, May 19th at the age of 91. Jim was a biologist, a champion for Bosque preservation, and a member of the Corrales Growers' Market with his wife, Tommie. During his career as a biologist, he was the curator of the UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology, and Chairman of the Biology Department. At the Market, Jim and Tommie were know for their sharp wit and gorgeous gladiolas. Jim, you will be missed!

The Findleys_RIP Jim.jpg
The Findleys_2.jpg


Transition from the Grocery Store to the Growers' Market!

With summer right around the corner, it's a perfect time to get into the routine of coming to the Market for your food, and supplementing items from the grocery store as needed! We have many new and returning vendors this year with a variety of items - you'll see that the fruits and veggies store for longer, and you get more bang for your buck! This year, vendors will have most of the essentials, including bread, eggs, honey, chicken, beef, and salmon. Add a variety of seasonal vegetables, and you're good to go for the week! Mark your calendars for Sundays, 9AM-12PM. Most people can finish their shopping in an hour or less. This Sunday, we will have musical guest String Dinner. See you soon!

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